Our Services

Our Services

By reflecting on your diet and lifestyle, we can identify modifications which assist you to feel empowered and re-energised to deal with the demands of a busy lifestyle, or the juggling of family and work commitments.

At Passionate Health we empower you with the knowledge to make changes and to take charge of your health, assisting you to live a healthier and happier life.

Our friendly team is there to assist you in any way you need, whether you are after a reset or a complete overhaul.
Start now by requesting a call back to discuss what it may involve, or to book an initial consultation.
We’ll then work out the best way from there together.

Areas of Clinical Focus

Natural fertility and female health


Food Intolerance and allergy testing


Fatigue, mood or sleep disorders


Gastrointestinal disturbances


Weight management and detox programs


Nutrition and Supplementation advice


Simplifying labels, shopping tours and pantry remodelling


Heavy Metal, Mineral and Antioxidant status


Sports Nutrition


Family Health


Knowledge is emPOWERing




Improve your diet and lifestyle by visiting an accredited Nutritionist.
Health Fund Rebates are available so start the conversation with your provider today.
Or perhaps a Mobile or Skype appointment would suit you better? Special conditions may apply.
Some of our products

The nutritional parts that make up the whole

Dream Cream Body

A decadent everyday body cream that you can enjoy all day as it smells and feels divine. Made from a range of nautral ingredients you probably already have in your pantry or cupboard – bar one special addition. Try this rich and creamy goodness that absorps nicely so it doesn’t stain your clothes. Warning: it does make you smell like the scent of chocolate.

Suitable for any-body.

Facial Dream Cream

A delight to smell, feel while you reap the benefits of natural ingredients. Filled with nourishing African Shea butter, pure Cocoa butter, and natural beewax.

Best suited to normal or dry skin types.

Eye Dream Cream

A lasting eye cream that does what its meant too. Is nourishing to those fine lines and stands up against the test of time. Apply gently around the eye area.

For anyone that needs it.

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All products are lovingly hand made!

Facial Dream Cleansing Cream

A moisturising and gentle cream cleanser that can also be used to remove make-up. Suitable to use twice daily in the shower or on its own. The recipe includes an array of botanicals that leave your skin clean but hydrated.Best suited to normal or dry skin types

Wakame Gomashio Black

Toasted wakame and sesame seeds with sea salt but no chilli

Wakame Gomashio Green

Toasted wakame and sesame seeds with low sea salt and no chilli

Wakame Gomashio Red

Toasted Sesame seeds with full power Chilli flavour and Salt. Black and white toasted sesame with Australian sea salt flakes, organic Wakame sea vegetable from the coast of Tasmania.

“I felt better within weeks of modifying my diet”

Our best work

Some of our product benefits include

The red Wakame Gomashio is our best seller and the Dream Cream Body is our most popular!