How long have you been part of market-life?

I have been part of market-life for about 18months now, regularly working Thursdays
and Sundays. It evolved organically – pardon the pun – as all things should, and with my home-made Wakame Gomashio enjoying great interest from many customers, I see it continuing to evolve further in the future.

In your other life as a nutritionist, what are some of the key benefits you feel to not only buying but making organic produce a fundamental part of our lifestyles?

I am Passionate about Health and want to feel its benefits as well as encourage others to do the same in their own way and time. There are endless benefits to incorporating a healthful organic diet into our very hectic lifestyles. Recognition of these benefits is gaining momentum and it’s becoming harder to ignore. Balance in life is something everyone strives for on a day-to-day basis – work, family, friends, fun – and a switch to organic produce is a huge step in the right direction.

As a marketeer, what are some noticeable changes regarding consumerism and their awareness (or awakening awareness) of not only “buying local” but incorporating so it becomes second nature, as opposed to “I’d better buy organic cause they (various forms of the media)  tell me I should”?

The shift to more organic produce and other sustainable changes is noticeably growing and definitely becoming a more common occurrence in frequency and location. This allows people to incorporate it into their lives simply through availability and convenience. Working behind the scenes, as we do in the industry, also allows you to see the growth and the changes day by day. In many countries overseas, these changes have been underway for much longer than here in Australia, and the prevalence of organically grown crops and sustainably sourced materials is much broader.

What is one of the most enjoyable aspects of being part of the organic market community?

Community is most certainly the biggest aspect, having others who get up as early as you, helps you to get through the day! But also being out-of-doors on a sunny day is blissful too. Knowing that you are working alongside people who share your values and help create a better outlook for future generations is very enriching.

In 5 words can you sum up what “buying organic” means to you

Vital, freshness, healthy, tasty and vibrant.


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