1. Lead by example

Children will learn from your example – so be what you want to see!

  1. Reduce busy-ness and stress

Remember its ok to say no sometimes

  1. Get active

The benefits are endless and the variety is only limited by your imagination

  1. Allow time for reflection

Make time for down time, it is essential for creativity and growth

  1. Do things together

A child’s number one thing they ask for in a parent is their presence

  1. Escape the everyday

It doesn’t have to be expensive, or in an exotic far away location. A picnic in the park or even your backyard is all it takes

  1. Gratitude

Practice gratitude for the minutest things or maybe even volunteer somewhere as a family

  1. Cook and eat as a family

The greatest skill you can teach your children is the ability to fuel their minds and bodies to be healthy and vibrant for life

  1. Education – dietary and lifestyle

If you are not sure what the right thing is, seek guidance from someone who does

  1. Listen

Listening to your loved ones is crucial to support and honour who they are and will become



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